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CORTA-TETRAPEPTIDE – NL-CORTAGEN™ – The World's First Supplement Containing CORTA-TETRAPEPTIDE Synthesized Using Our Patented NL-PEPTIDES™ Technology, Known as Novel Peptides.

  • Brain Condition Improvement: NL-Cortagen positively influences brain development and maintenance, contributing to overall brain health. Additionally, it offers neuroprotective benefits that stimulate the regeneration of neurons.
  • Brain Repair Processes: The NL-Cortagen peptide facilitates brain repair processes and enhances brain activity. Its nootropic activity is geared towards preventing degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Pick’s disease (personality changes), senile dementia, cerebral degeneration, cerebral ischemia, or brain hemorrhage.
  • Wellbeing Improvement: The action of NL-Cortagen, which impacts positive brain processes, leads to noticeable improvements in wellbeing, motivation, and a sense of mental freshness.
  • Regeneration from Addiction Effects: NL-Cortagen is useful in the brain regeneration of individuals who have experienced the consequences of various substance abuses.
  • NL-CORTAGEN as Support for:
    • Enhancing cognitive processes and memory.
    • Improving mood and reducing stress.
    • Alleviating symptoms of neurological diseases.
    • Providing neuroprotective actions (acting as anti-aging for the brain).
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