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Smart Backpack

Smart Backpack

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Smart Backpack with RGB LED Display from Spot On Toys

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Futuristic Design for the Modern Individual: Spot On Toys
proudly presents the Smart Backpack, a cutting-edge accessory that combines
fashion with technology. This sleek black backpack, made from durable nylon,
features an innovative RGB LED display, allowing wearers to showcase their
unique style. With dimensions of 44x34x16cm and a comfortable carrying capacity
of 20-35L, this backpack is not only stylish but also practical for everyday

Ideal for Tech Enthusiasts and Trendsetters: This backpack
is more than just a storage solution; it's a tech gadget that complements the
lifestyle of the modern, technology-savvy individual. Whether you're a student,
a professional, or simply someone who appreciates innovative design, the Smart
Backpack is a perfect choice. It not only carries your essentials but also
expresses your personality and technological flair.

Customizable Interactive Display: The heart of the Smart
Backpack is its customizable LED screen. Measuring 170x70mm, the display boasts
64x64 dot pixel resolution, capable of showing text, patterns, GIFs, and even
graffiti in 7 vibrant RGB colors. Through the user-friendly SPOTLED app,
available for both iOS and Android, users can personalize their backpack
display to suit their mood, style, or the occasion.


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Audio Sync Feature for Music Lovers: Stand out in any crowd
with the backpack's audio-reactive feature. The LED display can sync with your
music, pulsating and changing colors to the rhythm, adding an extra layer of
excitement to your listening experience. This feature makes the Smart Backpack
a perfect companion for festivals, parties, or simply a walk in the city.


Easy-to-Use and Versatile: The Smart Backpack is powered by
a 5V USB cable, allowing for convenient charging via a USB adapter or a power
bank (not included). Its Wi-Fi and GPRS capabilities ensure seamless
connectivity, and the backpack's memory playback feature will display the last
shown content when powered back on. Remember to remove the LED screen before
cleaning the backpack to keep it in pristine condition.

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