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MET-OCTAPEPTIDE – NL-SEMAX™ – The World's First Supplement Containing MET-OCTAPEPTIDE Synthesized Using Our Patented NL-PEPTIDES™ Technology, Known as Novel Peptides.

  • Memory and Concentration Enhancement: NL-Semax improves memory and concentration by positively affecting cerebral circulation and hindering oxidative stress processes.
  • Neural Protection: The NL-Semax peptide is recognized for its neurotrophic action, which leads to the differentiation and maturation of new neurons, axonal growth, and the survival of existing neurons. In essence, NL-Semax ensures the survival, development, and preservation of neural tissue functions.
  • Stress Mitigation: Through its action, NL-Semax prevents the increase in adrenal tissue mass, thereby boosting resilience to the effects of chronic stress or anxiety.
  • NL SEMAX as Support for:
    • Enhancing cognitive abilities (cognitive functions).
    • Increasing efficiency after sleepless nights.
    • Facilitating learning and memorization.
    • Alleviating chronic stress and anxiety.
    • Improving overall wellbeing.
    • Enhancing vision.
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