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PENTAPEPTIDE – NL-EPITHALON™ – The World's First Supplement Containing PENTAPEPTIDE Synthesized Using Our Patented NL-PEPTIDES™ Technology, Known as Novel Peptides.

  • Delay in Aging Processes: NL-EPITHALON™ contributes to the slowdown of the aging process, effectively extending the lifespan of users by engaging in processes that mitigate age-related degradation.
  • Antioxidative and Immunomodulatory Actions: The peptide showcases significant antioxidant properties and plays a vital role in modulating the immune system. This includes enhancing the body's defense mechanisms by increasing lymphocyte production in the thymus.
  • Stimulation of Neuronal Production and Activity: It actively stimulates the production and activity of neurons, contributing to improved brain function and cognitive health.
  • Sleep Quality Improvement: By stimulating the production of melatonin, NL-EPITHALON™ significantly improves the quality of sleep, aiding in the body's natural defense against infections and promoting overall well-being.
  • Hormonal and Circadian Rhythm Regulation: The peptide regulates cortisol production, aligning with the body’s natural circadian rhythms, and stimulates the secretion of digestive enzymes, supporting the digestive process and hormone replacement therapy.

NL-EPITHALON™ represents a significant advancement in dietary supplementation, offering a comprehensive approach to health and longevity through its unique and scientifically backed properties.

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