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Magic Cello - 3D Puzzle

Magic Cello - 3D Puzzle

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Magic Cello from Spot On Toys

The Magic Cello from Spot On Toys is more than just a 3D
puzzle; it's an experience that combines creativity, craftsmanship, and the love
for music into one magnificent piece.

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Romantic Retro Style
with Intricate Details:
The Magic Cello model from Spot On Toys is a
beautifully designed puzzle that combines the elegance of a cello with the
charm of magic books. It features a romantic retro style with a hollow body
that showcases the internal gears, a six-petal flower, and classic European
patterns. The design is further enhanced with magical elements like little
witches and cats, creating a visually stunning and mysterious experience.

Self-Playing Cello
This model boasts a unique self-playing mechanism. The winding
mechanism moves the bow linearly, mimicking the action of playing a cello, and
brings the model to life.

Elegantly Crafted
with High-Quality Wood:
Made from premium wood, the Magic Cello is not just
a model but a piece of art. Its high-quality wooden texture and beautiful
patterns offer a tactile and visual delight, making it a striking piece for any

Mysterious Magic Book
The base of the model is a series of stacked magic books, detailed
with original wood and vintage brown colors. It tells the short story of Pablo
Casals, the "father of the cello," adding depth and context to the

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Versatile Use and
Not just a puzzle, the Magic Cello also serves as a unique home
decoration. It can be placed in a study, bedroom, or living room, adding a
touch of classical art. The model is also USB powered, adding functionality and

Ideal Gift for Music
and Puzzle Lovers:
Perfect for those who appreciate music, puzzles, and
craftsmanship. Whether it's for a child or an adult, the Magic Cello makes an
excellent gift, providing not only a fun assembly experience but also an
elegant piece of art.

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