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Revolver & Scatter - 3D Puzzle

Revolver & Scatter - 3D Puzzle

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Revolver & Scatter Model Kits from Spot On Toys

These Revolver & Scatter Model Kits are perfect for kids
who love building and playing with models, offering a mix of education, skill
development, and fun. They are ideal for children who enjoy hands-on activities
and imaginative play.

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Self-Assembly Model
Building Experience:
Immerse yourself in the hands-on activity of
assembling the Revolver & Scatter model kits from Spot On Toys. Comprising
numerous wooden pieces, these kits offer a rewarding DIY construction model
experience. No additional tools are required, making it a straightforward and
enjoyable project.

Functioning Gun
These models feature single action mechanisms, replicating the
classic and high-quality aspects of guns. The Revolver & Scatter come with
a trigger mechanism for quick release, adding realism to the models.

Engaging and Safe
Ideal for both outdoor and indoor games, these models provide hours
of fun shooting games. They come with rubber band bullets and a target,
ensuring a safe and amusing playtime. The rubber band bullets are designed to
be harmless, making them suitable for children.

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Unique and Safe
Crafted for safety, the rubber band bullets have a limited range
and are made of soft material, ensuring they are safe for children. The design
prevents any harm even if accidentally aimed at the face or eyes.

Perfect Gift for
Aspiring Heroes:
With their cool and heroic design, these model kits are an
excellent gift for children. They fulfill the dream of every young hero,
providing the necessary 'weaponry' for imaginative play.

Friendly and Durable Material:
Made from high-quality, environmentally
friendly wood, these models are both durable and safe. The wooden construction
ensures a long-lasting and reusable toy that withstands the test of time.

Note: For the safety of children, rubber bands are used as
bullets, which are harmless. However, users are reminded not to aim at the face
or eyes to ensure safety.

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