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Luminous Globe

Luminous Globe

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Luminous Globe from Spot On Toys

The Luminous Globe from Spot On Toys is a perfect
combination of education, art, and technology, appealing to those who enjoy DIY
projects and those who appreciate unique home decor.

  align="left" hspace="20">Elegant Rotatable
Globe with Light:
The Luminous Globe from Spot On Toys is more than just a
model; it's a unique piece of home decor that brings a touch of classical art
to any space. This globe, which can also function as a lamp, is perfect for
placing on a bedside table or in a study room, adding a warm and educational

Innovative Design and
High-Quality Materials
: Crafted from premium wood, this globe features
laser precision cutting, ensuring smooth assembly. Each piece interlocks
seamlessly, guided by a comprehensive graphic instruction manual, making the
assembly process both enjoyable and straightforward.

Magnifying Glass
Feature for Detailed Observation
: This model is innovatively equipped with
a 25mm satellite magnifying glass, allowing for close-up observation of the
world. Turn the pulsator knob to explore and appreciate every detail,
experiencing the charm of changing scenery.

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USB Powered for
The Luminous Globe is USB powered, offering both convenience
and an eco-friendly aspect to its design. It illuminates to create a serene and
educational atmosphere in any room.

Ideal Gift for All
This globe is not just a toy but an elegant piece of art. It's an
ideal gift for children and adults alike, perfect for those who appreciate
building, geography, and art. Its blend of functionality and beauty makes it a
standout choice for any occasion.

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