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Carnival Music Box - 3D Puzzle

Carnival Music Box - 3D Puzzle

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Carnival Music Box from Spot On Toys

The Carnival Music Box is a perfect combination of elegance,
creativity, and functionality, appealing to those who appreciate artistic
design, music, and interactive DIY projects.

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Luxurious and
Innovative Materials:
The Carnival Music Box from Spot On Toys features
real leather and a transparent PET screen, offering a luxurious texture and a
breakthrough in material use. This combination enhances the aesthetic appeal
and the overall sensory experience of the product.

Detailed and Engaging
With intricate exterior details, this music box showcases roller
coaster silhouettes and a movable circus scene. Its detailed craftsmanship
provides not just a visual delight but also an engaging, interactive

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Atmospheric Sunset
Lamp with Eco-Friendly USB Interface
: The music box includes a realistic
and atmospheric sunset lamp, designed with eco-friendly considerations. It's
powered through a USB interface, adding convenience and an environmentally conscious
aspect to its design.

Independent Control
for Light and Music:
A unique split-body design allows independent control
of the light and music features. Enjoy clear and lively music along with a
simulated speed that matches the dynamic carnival scene. The classic
composition, G Major Minuet, enriches the experience with its sophisticated charm.

Dual Function as a
Night Light:
This music box not only serves as a decorative piece but also
doubles as a night light. The elegant piano music of Bach's G Major Minuet and
the adjustable light settings make it a perfect addition to any room, offering both
functionality and style.

Ideal Gift for All
This Carnival Music Box is an excellent gift choice for holidays,
birthdays, or special occasions. Suitable for both teenagers and adults, its
assembly process is enjoyable, and the elegant piano music adds a joyful
atmosphere, making it a wonderful present for any occasion.


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