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TETRAPEPTIDE + CU – NL-GHK-Cu™ – The World's First Supplement Containing TETRAPEPTIDE Synthesized Using Our Patented NL-PEPTIDES™ Technology, Known as Novel Peptides.

  • Anti-Aging Action: NL-GHK-Cu™ offers significant anti-aging benefits, including smoothing wrinkles and firming the skin, thereby enhancing the skin's overall texture and appearance.
  • Reduction of Skin Damage: It effectively reduces photodamage and skin discolorations, helping to even out the skin tone and reduce the visible signs of sun damage.
  • Improvement in Skin Quality: The supplement increases the skin's elasticity and thickness while maintaining a healthy, vibrant appearance, essential for overall skin health and aesthetics.
  • Collagen and Elastin Restoration: NL-GHK-Cu™ assists in removing damaged collagen and elastin from the skin's matrix, critical for maintaining skin structure and preventing premature aging.
  • Regenerative Effects: It possesses regenerative properties that accelerate wound healing and inhibit scar formation, crucial for maintaining skin integrity after injuries.
  • Hair Growth Enhancement: The peptide supports the anagen phase of hair growth, encouraging hair growth and reducing hair loss, offering a comprehensive approach to hair care.
  • Stem Cell Protection and Enhancement: NL-GHK-Cu™ helps protect and increase the efficiency of stem cells while strengthening the production of regulatory molecules, including natural growth factors, essential for skin and hair regeneration.
  • Nervous System Support: Beyond its regenerative benefits, the peptide also has a positive impact on the nervous system, contributing to its comprehensive health-promoting properties.

NL-GHK-Cu™ stands out as a pioneering supplement in skincare and regeneration, offering a multi-faceted approach to anti-aging, skin and hair care, and overall wellness through its innovative composition and patented technology.

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