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Traffic Sticker Puzzle

Traffic Sticker Puzzle

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Traffic Sticker Puzzle Bath Toy Set from Spot On Toys

Easy Assembly and Floating Design - The pieces are designed
for easy assembly and disassembly, allowing children to freely create different
track designs. The floating capability of the track pieces adds extra fun to
bath time, as they can be used on water and easily attached to ceramic tile

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23-Piece Set:
This engaging Traffic Sticker Puzzle set from Spot On Toys
includes 23 diverse pieces, offering a plethora of options for bath time fun.
Each piece adds to the variety and excitement, keeping your child entertained
during bath time.


Unique Sticky Wall
City Traffic Design:
Stand out from regular bath toys with its unique city
traffic car road rail puzzle that sticks to the walls. This innovative feature
adds an extra dimension of challenge and amusement, enhancing your child’s bath


Versatile for a Wide
Age Range:
Designed for children aged 0-14 years, this bath toy set caters
to a broad age group. It's a long-lasting addition to any child's bath toy
collection, growing with them through various developmental stages.

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Safe and Durable
Constructed from high-quality vinyl and EVA materials, this set
is both durable and safe for children. Its non-toxic nature ensures peace of
mind for parents regarding their child's safety during playtime.


Educational and
More than just a toy, this set is educational, fostering
creativity and imagination as children assemble various shapes and sizes of
tracks. It also aids in developing hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills,
and cognitive abilities in a fun and interactive way.


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